Snow Tour in Korea

Snow Tour in Korea

Seoul is a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors every year. As winter approaches, many visitors are eager to experience the winter wonderland of Korea. One of the most popular winter activities in Korea is skiing. Many tourists come to Korea with no skiing experience but are interested in enjoying the snowy slopes. Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by tourists who want to experience snow tour in Korea.

What is the Snow Tour in Korea for From Non to a Good Skier?

The Snow Tour in Korea for From Non to a Good Skier is a day trip in Seoul, South Korea. This tour is perfect for those who want to learn how to ski or improve their skiing skills. It is an ideal activity for beginners who have never skied before or intermediate skiers who want to hone their skills. This tour is designed to help tourists make the most of their day in the snow.

What Does the Snow Tour Itinerary Look Like?

The Snow Tour itinerary includes the following activities and features:

  • Pickup from hotel and transfer to a ski resort
  • Ski lift passes and equipment rental
  • Basic ski lesson with a professional instructor
  • Free time to ski and explore the resort
  • Return transportation to hotel in Seoul

The tour’s duration is approximately 9 hours, and the start time is usually at 7:00 AM. This tour is available from December to February and is subject to weather conditions.

What to Wear for the Snow Tour?

When participating in the Snow Tour in Korea, it is important to dress appropriately. Tourists should wear warm, waterproof clothing, including a jacket, gloves, and hat. It is also recommended to wear snow pants and thick socks. Additionally, tourists should wear appropriate footwear, such as snow boots, that will keep their feet warm and dry during the tour.

Which Ski Resort Will We Visit During the Snow Tour?

The ski resort that the tour visits will depend on the weather and snow conditions. The most popular ski resorts near Seoul are Vivaldi Park, Yongpyong Resort, and High1 Resort. All of these resorts offer a variety of slopes for different skill levels, making them ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers.

What is the Cost of the Snow Tour?

The Snow Tour in Korea for From Non to a Good Skier costs approximately 115 Euros for adults and 105 Euros for children. The cost includes transportation, ski rental, ski lift passes, and a basic ski lesson with a professional instructor. Additional activities, such as snowboarding or snow tubing, may be available for an additional cost.


The Snow Tour in Korea for From Non to a Good Skier is an ideal winter activity for tourists who want to experience the thrill of skiing in Korea. The tour provides all necessary equipment, including ski lift passes and ski rental. Professional ski instructors will provide a basic ski lesson to newcomers, making it perfect for those with no prior skiing experience. With a variety of ski slopes available, visitors can select a slope that meets their needs and preferences. The tour is affordable, and the itinerary is well-organized, making it perfect for tourists who are short on time. Book the Snow Tour in Korea today and experience the crystal-clear snow in Seoul’s magnificent ski resorts.

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Snow Tour in Korea