From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Old & New City Bus Tour

From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Old & New City Bus Tour

Israel is a country filled with historic and religious significance. As a tourist in Tel Aviv, you may be interested in hopping on a bus and making the trip to Jerusalem to witness the holy site first-hand. Here are some of the most common questions asked by tourists visiting Tel Aviv, as well as helpful answers to make your trip as smooth as possible:

What is the From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Old & New City Bus Tour?

The From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Old & New City Bus Tour is a day trip in Israel that will take you from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, two of the most fascinating cities in the country. The tour package will provide you with an English-speaking guide and air-conditioned transportation. Once you get to Jerusalem, you will experience both the old city and the new city.

What are the details of the tour?

The tour begins with pickup from selected hotels in Tel Aviv. After a bus ride of approximately an hour, you will arrive in Jerusalem. The first part of the tour includes the Old City, with visits to important and sacred sites like the Western Wall, Armenian Quarter, Jewish Quarter, Cardo, and also the Via Dolorosa. Your guide will tell you fascinating stories about the different quarters and their history. After that, you will get a chance to walk along the Arab souk and do some shopping. You will be taken then to a panoramic overview of the city from the Mount of Olives. The second part of the tour will take you to the new city, where you will witness the Yad Vashem Museum and the Holocaust History Museum.

How much does the tour cost?

The cost of the From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Old & New City Bus Tour may vary depending on the season and time of year. However, you can easily book the tour online for as low as 51 euros per person using this link and that’s the partner_id link.

How long does the tour last?

The tour is a full day trip, starting early in the morning and ending in the evening, allowing you to fully explore both the historic and modern areas of Jerusalem. The bus transportation is air-conditioned and comfortable, which makes the trip a breeze.

What should I bring?

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, as the tour involves a lot of walking. For religious sites, clothing that covers the arms and knees is preferable as a sign of respect. Bring sunscreen, a hat and a camera to capture the essential moments throughout the tour. Lastly, bring cash or a form of payment as there are different opportunities along the way to purchase food, souvenirs, and other items.

Why should I book this tour?

This tour offers a perfect opportunity to witness one of the most historic and religious cities in the world – Jerusalem – and take a deep dive into its rich history and customs. By booking this tour, you can rest easy knowing that you will be guided by an expert who will share their knowledge and make the trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. With the air-conditioned bus transportation, this is a perfect opportunity to explore an entirely new city without worrying about the logistics of transportation or language barriers.

Overall, the From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Old & New City Bus Tour is a must-do activity that offers both spiritual fulfilment and an incredible opportunity to learn more about Israeli culture and history. We highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in exploring a new city, witnessing historic sites or diving into religious customs. Book your spot today!

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From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Old & New City Bus Tour